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The S.J.D. (Scientiae Juridicae Doctor) degree is designed for scholars and teachers of law and is most often obtained by international attorneys who are pursuing academic or high ranking governmental careers in their home countries. The S.J.D. is not a course-oriented degree but rather is directed towards scholarly research and producing a dissertation of publishable quality that contributes in an original manner to the area of law to which it is directed.

The S.J.D. program at Wake Forest University is highly selective. The Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) is the highest post graduate law degree offered by the Wake Forest University School of Law. Each S.J.D. candidate will be assigned a principal faculty advisor with expertise in the student’s research area and two additional faculty members who form the student’s doctoral committee. This faculty committee will evaluate the S.J.D. student’s progress, make recommendations, and conduct an oral examination on the dissertation. In addition to the S.J.D. student’s doctoral committee, other members of the Faculty of Law are generally prepared to offer advice when consulted.

Fall Applications
Open Date: September 1
LSAC Due Date: May 1
WFU Online App Due Date: May 1

Spring Applications
Open Date: September 1
LSAC Due Date: November 1
WFU Online App Due Date: November 1